Malone’s COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Employee Health

Our number one priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees and the public. Before every shift, protocol will require each employee to conduct a quick physical screening/survey to ensure that no symptoms of covid-19 are present. Workers feeling sick with COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home immediately. Furthermore, if any of our employees begin to feel unwell while in the workplace they will be excluded immediately. As a part of this protocol, we will continuously exclude employees from the workplace who believe they may been in contact with someone with COVID-19. Employee personal hygiene standards will continue to receive the high baseline requirement as you have come to expect from our staff over the years.

Facility Cleaning

Malone’s will maintain a regular disinfection routine for our facilities and train our employees on enhanced daily cleaning. Your table and any setting will be disinfected between each visit. Commonly touched surfaces will have a documented sanitation schedule that will include a regimented disinfecting process. Our facility receives continuous preventative maintenance to the HVAC systems, and we aim maximize fresh air brought into the building and minimize air circulation.

Contactless Menus & Payments

There will be a clean menu provided to the table. When it is time to pay, your server will bring the check to the table. We will continue to allow traditional payment methods/procedures (employees swipe and return credit card to guest) but would ask guests to refrain from using cash during this time.

Social Distancing

We have evaluated traffic patterns within our workplaces and will manage customers flow to prevent choke points or crowding at the entrances/common areas. Our workers will stay 6’ apart whenever possible. Our staff is being trained to safely distance from customers when appropriate and minimize time spent at the tables. Also, with contactless payments and additional training we are hoping to reduce the number of trips a server will take during the course of your visit. Please note: our service levels/expectations will not change due to these COVID-19 restrictions. If you have concerns or questions about your visit, please call and speak to a manager directly. We will answer any questions you have and hopefully ensure you that visiting Malone’s during this time is appropriate for you given your expectations surrounding COVID-19.

Food Safety

The food service industry is held to a very high standard of safety for its customers and employees. We will continue to maintain all of our best practices along with MN Departments of Health and FDA’s added guidelines during this COVID-19 pandemic. We have reviewed and completed all re-opening requirements and checklists, and also maintained MDH’s food safety procedures and protocols during our dine-in shutdown.

Customer Responsibility

Please social distance while on site and maintain 6’ of physical distancing when moving around on the property. Please refrain from leaving your table unless you need to use the restroom or in the case of an emergency. Please wash your hands after using the restroom and use the provided hand sanitizer stations. Please refrain from gathering at other people’s tables that you may know. Customers are strongly encouraged to bring and wear face masks when not eating or drinking.

We look forward to serving you,

A.J. Stevens

General Manager – Malone’s Restaurant


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